Kazumi Mikami

While in high school, I got into motorcycle driving, and after drifting and amateur racing, I debut official racing in 1999. 


Since then, I have raced in many races such as Formula and Porsche Carrera Cup and achieved good results, as well as achieved many records such as "the first female driver ever to stand on the podium" in Super Taikyu and "the world's first female driver" in Porsche Carrera Cup, and also achieved high rankings in these races.

Of course, my success was not limited only in Japan.
In the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race, the second largest race event in Malaysia after F1, which was held around the time of the country's Independence Day,

I was invited to participate as an assistant from Japan in the "Red Bull X1-R Racing", a ladies team formed by the initiative of RedBull for 2 consecutive years, to "symbolize the progress of women in the Muslim world, where the position of women is extremely vulnerable".

In addition, I have also competed in the Historic Rally of Monte Carlo with the team of former F1 driver Erik Comas.

In the meantime, I have appeared in various media such as TV, magazines, and newspapers as a racing driver, motor journalist, model, and TV personality.

I have also appeared in TV commercials for RedBull (beverage manufacturer), X-1R (oil manufacturer), and others broadcast throughout Asia.


I was also an instructor at a driving school and has been invited to numerous events as a guest and instructor, including one with former British soccer player David Beckham.


In 2008, I moved to Paris to participate in the Monte Carlo Rally, where I had a hard time learning French, and I decided to start a French language school. In February 2010, he established "Ensemble en Francais," an online school, which was very rare at that time.

I am now retired from racing and spend my time traveling around Japan and abroad. I'm juggling raising two children as a mother, running an online French language school, and managing a trading business.

However, after witnessing the reality of the large number of refugees from Ukraine who will arrive in France in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, I wondered,

"Is there anything I can do to help them? "

I've been offering "free French lessons" for displaced people as a humanitarian aid through the online school.



Teaching Activities

Conveying the importance of safe driving, ecology, having dreams.

Special lecturer for the Japan Football Association (JFA) Heart Project  

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Japan Car Life Partner

Nissan Prince Ibaraki Sales 



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Oguri Hangan Festival

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